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Posted 1/30/2019 8:55am by Michele.


The wonderful and talented Thea Colman has just released her latest sweater pattern and it is a beauty! We are proud to say Thea used our worsted wool on this project.  What a great choice because between the flattering, modern design and the luxuriously soft feel of  our merino wool, you'll wear it again and again.
We have plenty of un-dyed at the moment. If you are interested in just about any of the other colors on our website, just ask. We are happy to custom dye for your Hudson Valley Cider order. Please allow two weeks (maximum) for your custom color order. 
Thea's pattern can be purchased here. Thanks Thea! It's gorgeous!
Posted 1/30/2011 5:36pm by Eugene Wyatt.

I'm delighted to pay my stand staff with yarn as I did Perri whom you can meet Saturday afternoons in Union Square.  Her cowl is knit from Violet #1 a color of which I have no more.  But here is the pattern she used.

3 skeins of the worsted weight yarn are needed for this project, using size 8, 29" circular needles and a cable needle

Key: K = knit
P = purl
C12F = slip next 6 stitches onto a cable needle and bring to front, k6 and then k6 on cable needle

CO 192 Stitches, join to begin working in rounds
Rounds 1&2: Knit
Rounds 3&4: Purl
Rounds 5&6: Knit
Rounds 7&8: Purl
Rounds 9&10: P4. K12, repeat
Rounds 11&12: P4. C12F, repeat
Rounds 13-23: P4. K12,  repeat
continue pattern of one row with P4, and C12F after every 10 rounds of P4. K12 until cabled section is approximately 8" in length, ending with a round of P4. C12F.
finish in the reverse of how you started, with 2 final rounds of P4. K12.
P 2 rounds
K 2 rounds
P 2 rounds
K 2 rounds

Cast off, and enjoy!

Perri is an experienced knitter—as you can see from how well she knit the cables of her warm cowl—if you have a knitting question come on in and ask Perri.
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